Baltimore homeowners and real estate agents have been putting their trust in Clean Sweep for more than 30 years. We are a team of experienced industry professionals with one common goal – to deliver top-flight service and ensure that Baltimore’s homes are maintained to the highest industry standard.

We take pride in our work and love what we do, with each of our team members averaging more than 15 years of experience in the business. When it comes to chimney cleaning, chimney inspections, gutter cleaning or dryer and vent services – Clean Sweep has you covered.


We deliver a full range of certified services (MHIC #45764) to homeowners and the area’s best real estate agents.
From million-dollar estates to more modestly priced homes, we’ll keep your home safe and beautiful.


“A lot of my clients assume that working with a specialist like Clean Sweep is going to cost them significantly more money. They’re wrong. Clean Sweep’s fair pricing applies to my clients across the board, whether it’s for a million-dollar home, or one costing a fraction of that amount. They’re experts at what they do.”

-Angela Vavasori | Realtor

“As a homeowner, I’ve used the services of Clean Sweep for years on my chimneys, gutters and slate roofing. I trust Clean Sweep to provide excellent service and they have proven to be an invaluable resource in the maintenance of my home. In fact, I have so much confidence in their work and integrity that I no longer even request a quote before they do work for me. Also, according to my broker, they are the “go-to” company for all repairs due to workmanship and fair pricing.”

Jim Godey