Our Testimonials

“Everyone at Clean Sweep seems to have the same work ethic on quality, service and timeliness that customers yearn for. Your services from chimneys and gutters to masonry work (and I will never forget some of the most difficult brickwork you did for us) , are extraordinary. Clean Sweep’s ability to consistently produce top quality and first class service is really a great accomplishment.

-Michael B

In my line of work I have numerous dealings with many contractors — some positive, and unfortunately some negative. I have come to realize the importance of working with contractor partners who are reliable, competent , honest, pleasant and reasonable. I have found this with Mr Cullen Davis and James Green and their company , Clean Sweep Chimney and Gutter Svc.

-Daniel M
Coldwell Banker Baltimore

“As a homeowner, I’ve used the services of Clean Sweep for years on my chimneys, gutters and slate roofing. I trust Clean Sweep to provide excellent service and they have proven to be an invaluable resource in the maintenance of my home. In fact, I have so much confidence in their work and integrity that I no longer even request a quote before they do work for me. Also, according to my broker, they are the “go-to” company for all repairs due to workmanship and fair pricing.”

-Jim Godey

“A lot of my clients assume that working with a specialist like Clean Sweep is going to cost them significantly more money. They’re wrong. Clean Sweep’s fair pricing applies to my clients across the board, whether it’s for a million-dollar home, or one costing a fraction of that amount. They’re experts at what they do.”

-Angela Vavasori | Realtor

Clean Sweep has been a key part of most of my real estate transactions. Whether they are providing thorough and detailed inspection reports for my buying clients, or doing pre-emptive evaluations and repairs for my selling clients, Clean Sweep consistently lives up to their reputation as being the most dependable, responsive and professional group in my rolodex. On one particular sale, the buyer’s father was very anxious about the fact that his son was buying an eighty year old Baltimore row home. The father built new houses for a living and he was skeptical about the condition of his son’s first home. This nervous dad came to the final walk-through so that he could personally check the quality of my seller’s home inspection repairs. Clean Sweep had been employed to not only do some extensive chimney work, but they also repaired many broken slates on the roof and re-pointed much of the failing mortar around the outside of the house. This father stood on the roof of his car and studied the chimney with high-powered binoculars. After ten long minutes of scrutiny, the nervous dad got down and put the binoculars away. He turned to the agents and his family and sincerely declared: “that’s some damn fine work.

-Dawson Nolly | Berkshire Hathaway Homesale Realty

My real estate team, the Baldwin & Griffin Team, has had great success with Cullen, Mike, Matt and the whole gang at Clean Sweep. They understand our tight deadlines and turn around times, and always make it happen for us. But more importantly, they are the pros who really understand and can diagnose issues to help make your chimneys, slate roofs, gutters and so many other things “tight.” And, what I love the most is that they are able to speak to buyers, sellers, and other Realtors to explain issues and add perspective.

– James Michael Baldwin

We send our deepest thanks to you and your workers for the excellent job repairing our chimney. We are very pleased with the results. Working with your craftsmen was a smooth and very pleasant experience. All of them were friendly and approachable; all took the initiative to inform us of the nature and necessity of each task as they accomplished it. We were impressed with the work ethic of each and every technician you sent to the job site. Clean up was excellent. The finished work appears flawless. Everything about this job, from the initial request for proposal to the final payment, went exceptionally well. You have built an exceptional team.

– Billy and Anzi Smith