The Most Common Chimney Issues in the Summertime

Summer has arrived here in Maryland, and that means two things when it comes to the weather: humid days and stormy evenings. While it’s easy to forget about our chimneys during this time of year, both the humidity and the rainfall of the summer season have the potential to cause a few pesky chimney-related issues. […]

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Busting 4 Myths About Chimney Cleanings and Home Sales

Is it okay to DIY chimney cleaning? Are homebuyers really concerned about the safety of a chimney before signing on the dotted line? Can a home inspector detect all the potential issues with a chimney? If you ask these questions to a variety of people, you are bound to receive a variety of responses. However, there are correct answers to each of them! As such, let’s bust a few of the most common chimney myths as they relate to home sales. […]

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