4 Reasons to Get Your Chimney Cleaned in the Spring

Have you had your chimney cleaned in the last year? Yearly chimney cleanings play a large role in keeping our homes and families safe from harm. If you’ve fallen behind on your chimney maintenance, fear not! You might be surprised to learn that spring is the perfect time for a chimney cleaning. Here are four [...]

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4 Commonly Forgotten Inspections When Listing a Home

Inspections are one of the final steps in the homebuying process. When they don’t go so well, however, buyers you expected to pull the trigger on the home of their dreams could back out of the deal altogether. As such, it’s important to inspect each home for common issues before listing them on the market. [...]

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4 Benefits of Upgrading To A Slate Roof

Are you planning to upgrade your roof this year? If so, you’re probably pouring through all of your material options and weighing the pros and cons. There are a lot of roofing materials out there, and each of them offer a host of unique features and benefits. Out of all of the choices, however, we [...]

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2 Things Homebuyers Should Know About Buying a Home with a Chimney

A chimney and fireplace are excellent perks when searching for the perfect place to call home. However, there are some things that prospective buyers should know before purchasing a home with a chimney. Be sure to tell your clients these key bits of information before they purchase the home of their dreams this spring! A [...]

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The Role Your Chimney Sweep Plays in Protecting Your Family

Okay, that may have been a slight exaggeration. We don’t have superpowers and the closest thing we have to a Batmobile is our fleet of fully stocked service trucks. Even still, there is a lot we can do to protect you and your family from all the dangers associated with fireplaces and chimneys! Here are [...]

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Questions Every Realtor Should Be Able to Answer

When homeowners put their trust into a real estate agent, they expect to have an expert in their corner looking out for their best interests. As you guide your clients through the homebuying process, be sure to have these questions in mind. Chances are the buyer and potentially even the inspector will gloss over them [...]

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4 Common Winter Chimney Problems

If we needed a reminder that there’s still plenty of winter to go, the snowstorms of early February definitely did the trick! Whether you’ve been lighting up your fireplace all winter or have yet to enjoy your first fire of the season, there’s a decent chance it’s time to fix one of these common winter [...]

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4 Common Causes of Chimney Odors

When it comes to chimneys, seemingly small issues may be symptomatic of something serious brewing that can have major repercussions down the road. As such, if any unusual scents are coming from your client’s fireplace, you should help them get to the root of the issue before listing it on the market. Here are the [...]

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Why Does Dryer Vent Cleaning Really Matter?

There’s nothing like cozying up with a warm blanket after it spent a cycle in the dryer. You might be surprised how hard our dryers have to work behind the scenes to keep our clothes clean, dry and comfortable, however. As such, a lack of routine dryer vent maintenance can lead to inconvenience in the [...]

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Cleaning Dyer Vents Before Selling a Home

We all clean out our lint traps after using our dryers, but that simply does not do enough over the long haul to keep us and our loved ones safe from potential threats. Even if we clear our lint trap after each use, lint eventually starts to build up within our dryer vents. When these [...]

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