Give Your Clients Peace of Mind with a Chimney Inspection This Fall

If you have clients entering the home selling process this fall, it’s very likely that the prospect of purchasing a home with a fireplace will be enticing to potential buyers. A chimney and fireplace are excellent perks when searching for the perfect place to call home, especially considering we’re moving toward the colder months of [...]

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Keep Your Home Safe with a Dryer Cleaning from Clean Sweep

Putting off dryer cleaning keeps our dryers from working at their peak efficiency at best and can cause dryer fires in our home at worst. Around 3,000 dryer fires are reported per year, and 34% of them take place due to a lack of routine maintenance. During the humid summer months of Baltimore, the risk [...]

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Why Should You Trust a Professional Chimney Sweep for an Inspection?

Home inspectors are known for being very thorough, but there are areas that can escape their expertise. The chimney is often one of them. That’s because inspectors are generally looking for obvious signs of wear and damage during their chimney inspections. If the chimney is suffering from years of ignored maintenance, a home inspector will [...]

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3 Signs It’s Time to Clean Your Air Ducts

August heat is here, and that means our air conditioning systems are working as hard as ever around the clock. If your air conditioning isn’t keeping your home particularly cool this summer, that doesn’t necessarily mean that expensive repairs are on the horizon. An air duct cleaning may be able to boost the efficiency of [...]

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The Importance of a Slate Roofing Inspection Before Selling or Purchasing a Home

There are many types of roofing materials homeowners can select from when the time comes for a replacement. In the United States, asphalt roofing is by far the most popular choice because of its decent durability and competitive cost. As a realtor, there is a 100% chance you’ve worked extensively with homes capped with an [...]

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The Difference Between Minor Chimney Repairs and Renovations

Before the sale or transfer of any property, a Level 2 chimney inspection is required. What exactly are we looking for when we conduct such inspections? Throughout the process, our goal is to provide an accurate assessment to the chimney in regard to its current status. We’re essentially trying to determine whether any minor repairs [...]

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Why are Chimney Cleanings so Important, and How Often Should You Clean Yours?

A clean chimney not only ensures that your fireplace burns brightly, but it also protects your home from fire and pests all year long. While most homeowners are aware that their chimney must be inspected and cleaned before lighting the first fire of the season in the fall and before a transfer of ownership, most [...]

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4 Reasons to Trust Professionals for Chimney Repair and Inspections

If your client is in the midst of selling their home, they’re probably aware of the inspections their home will be subject to over the coming months. In an effort to save money, some homeowners may decide to simply take care of their chimney cleaning themselves. As their realtor, here is why you should always [...]

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Should Duct Cleaning Be Done Before an Open House?

Duct cleaning has several benefits that homeowners are sure to appreciate. For starters, contaminants like dirt and dust can notably reduce the efficiency of an HVAC system, causing the system to work harder and cost more to run simultaneously. Additionally, duct cleaning removes dirt and dust that we maybe didn’t even know existed, keeping us [...]

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4 Reasons to Get Your Chimney Cleaned in the Spring

Have you had your chimney cleaned in the last year? Yearly chimney cleanings play a large role in keeping our homes and families safe from harm. If you’ve fallen behind on your chimney maintenance, fear not! You might be surprised to learn that spring is the perfect time for a chimney cleaning. Here are four [...]

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