The Role of Chimney Maintenance in Home Safety: What Real Estate Agents Need to Know

Chimney maintenance plays an important role in ensuring home safety, and every real estate agent should understand the role that it plays in the value of a home. A chimney, whether it is attached to a traditional fireplace or a wood stove, can add value and ambiance to a property. However, if there are safety [...]

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Gutter Maintenance for All Seasons: Year-Round Tips for Homeowners

Many homeowners think about cleaning the gutters in the fall when leaves have accumulated and in the spring when rain is falling. Unfortunately, your gutters need care all year long, not just when rain or leaves are falling! To take the best care of your gutters, you should regularly maintain them by working with a [...]

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Adding Value to Your Listings: Showcasing Slate Roofing

In the world of real estate, every detail counts when it comes to showcasing the value of a property to prospective buyers. One feature that can significantly increase a home's appeal and value is the roofing material. Slate roofing is a timeless and practical choice that adds both aesthetic charm and practical benefits to any [...]

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The Importance of Regular Chimney Inspections for Fireplace Efficiency

Spring is here, which means that many homeowners won’t be lighting a fire again for many months. However, you should still schedule a chimney inspection to make sure that everything is good to go for the fall. How can regular chimney inspections help to improve fireplace efficiency at your home? Ensure Proper Airflow Regular chimney [...]

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How Regular Gutter Cleaning Can Boost Property Value

While there are plenty of seasonal maintenance tasks that homeowners dread, gutters are near the top of the list. Cleaning the gutters can be messy, wet, and gross—and that’s if you aren’t afraid of heights or standing on a ladder! However, cleaning the gutters is still critical. How can gutter cleaning help boost property value [...]

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When Should You Have Your Chimney Inspected?

A chimney is not just something that you gather around on a cold winter night to enjoy time with your loved ones—it’s also a key piece of your home that requires proper care and maintenance. Many homeowners overlook the importance of chimney maintenance and assume that their chimney is fine as long as it's not [...]

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4 Most Common Chimney-Related Issues Found During a Home Inspection

As a chimney inspection company that works closely with real estate agents, we understand the pivotal role a chimney plays in the overall safety and functionality of a home. Chimneys, while often overlooked, can be the centerpiece of a home sale. However, they are also susceptible to issues that can compromise their integrity and pose [...]

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How to Avoid Ice Dams in Your Gutters

Winter is still here, and rain and low temperatures can lead to a major hazard known as ice dams. These icy formations can cause serious damage to your gutters, roof, and home. Here are some of our best tips for preventing ice dams and keeping your gutters flowing smoothly all winter and spring. What Are [...]

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3 Chimney Problems House Inspectors Might Not Catch

Chimneys are not just a way to create a comfortable and welcoming ambiance in a home, they are also a critical piece of the house that requires regular maintenance to avoid any safety issues. While home inspections are a common part of the buying and selling processes, home inspectors do not have the same level [...]

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What to Do When You Have Animals in Your Chimney

As the cozy winter season sets in, there’s nothing like the warmth and comfort of a crackling fire in the hearth. Unfortunately, sometimes unexpected guests like animals can decide to make your chimney their home. It’s easy to panic when you realize that there is wildlife living in your chimney, but there are a few [...]

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