Before You Hang Up Your Stockings: Hazards to Avoid on Your Fireplace Mantle

When many people think about their fireplace during the holiday season, they visualize stockings hung from the mantle. This is a charming and classic holiday scene, but it’s also incredibly dangerous if you’re planning on lighting a fire. What hazards should you think twice about before decorating your fireplace and mantle during the holidays and [...]

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Do the Gutters Need to Be Cleaned Before Listing the House?

As a real estate agent, you're well aware that first impressions matter significantly when it comes to selling a house. From curb appeal to interior details, every detail counts. One aspect that's often overlooked is gutter maintenance. Do gutters really need to be cleaned and inspected before putting a house on the market? The short [...]

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Do You Still Need to Clean Your Gutters If You Have Gutter Guards?

Gutter guards are devices that are marketed as a cure-all for leaves and other debris that can accumulate in gutters and prevent proper drainage. When you are buying gutter guards, the salesperson might tell you that you will never need to clean your gutters again. Unfortunately, that isn’t the case. Here are some of the [...]

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How Are Chimney Inspections Different From a Home Inspector’s Inspection?

As a real estate professional, you value the safety of your clients now and in the future. One of the essential parts of buying a home is the home inspection. While home inspectors are highly trained and able to detect many different problems in the home, they are not specialists in chimney issues. In a [...]

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Why You Need a Professional Chimney Cleaning

There’s something truly magical about having a fireplace in your home. Whether it’s cozying up by the fire after a long day at work or celebrating the holidays with friends and family in front of a crackling hearth, a fireplace is a wonderful addition to any space. However, beneath the surface, there is a responsibility [...]

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4 Reasons Your Buyers Should Insist on a Chimney Inspection

As a real estate agent, your clients trust you and your guidance throughout the buying and selling processes. When things are competitive and devolve into a bidding war, it can be easy to let some things go by the wayside. What’s one thing that should never be skipped? The chimney inspection. Here are five reasons [...]

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How to Get Your Gutters Ready for the Fall and Winter

Where did the time go? It feels like only yesterday that you were unpacking swimsuits and getting ready for a summer full of fun, but now school buses are hitting the streets and fall is almost here. With the end of summer and the transition into colder weather, there are many different tasks that you [...]

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3 Benefits of Duct Cleaning Before Listing a House on the Market

There are countless things that your clients need to worry about as they get ready to list their homes on the market, from making small repairs to painting the walls a neutral color. In the hustle and bustle of taking care of things that are immediately obvious, it’s easy to forget some of the things [...]

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How to Prevent Chimney Fires at Your House

Every year, there are thousands of house fires that start due to the fireplace or chimney. While not all of them do catastrophic damage, they add up to millions of dollars’ worth of property damage every year. Thankfully, there are numerous ways that homeowners can act to prevent chimney fires at their homes through practicing [...]

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Chimney Terms All Realtors Should Know

As a real estate agent, you are a great resource for every one of the buyers and sellers that you work with. The more that you understand about the houses that you are seeing every day, the easier it will be for you to provide everyone with an excellent experience. Here are some of the [...]

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