What Every Realtor Should Know About Their Client’s Dryers

When any transfer of property takes place, it makes sense to inspect the areas of the home that are more fire prone to ensure there aren’t any hidden dangers that could pose threats to the new homeowner. The areas that stick out to most here are chimneys and ovens/ stoves. We absolutely agree that these are both parts of the home that could pose serious threats if not inspected and cleaned. However, particularly during the winter, it’s important to remember that dryers pose legitimate fire threats as well. Here’s what every realtor should know about dryer fires! […]

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Winter Roof Maintenance for Home Sellers

Some home sellers don’t realize that the roof overhead has issues until hundreds of pounds of winter snow weigh it down and a leak or crack appears. As a realtor, the last thing that you want to happen to a home seller anxiously waiting to sell is a serious roof issue that requires major repairs. [...]

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What can a Chimney Sweep Catch that a Home Inspector Can’t?

Many homeowners struggle with the anticipated cost of paying for both a home inspection and a chimney sweep. However, chimney sweeps have valuable expertise that home inspectors cannot touch. Think of it this way—when you have a specific problem with your throat, do you head to your family doctor or an ENT (ear, nose and [...]

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4 Things to Consider When Choosing a Chimney Sweep

The right chimney sweep will skillfully remove dangerous creosote buildup from your chimney, carefully inspect for structural damage and be punctual and skilled. However, finding that amazing chimney sweep might feel like searching for a needle in a haystack. When searching for the perfect chimney sweep for your home, here is what you need to [...]

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