Some home sellers don’t realize that the roof overhead has issues until hundreds of pounds of winter snow weigh it down and a leak or crack appears. As a realtor, the last thing that you want to happen to a home seller anxiously waiting to sell is a serious roof issue that requires major repairs. Winter roof maintenance from a professional at Clean Sweep can prevent a number of problems and identify any issues before things get icy.

Remove Roof Debris Before Snow Falls

Branches above the home drop leaves on the roof and in the gutters throughout autumn. Before snow falls, every home seller should remove all roof debris to allow for optimal drainage and prevent too much weight from accumulating on the roof. While your home seller is removing debris from the roof, they should also take a look at the trees above it. If there are dead, dying or diseased branches hanging over the roof, now is the time to remove them. Heavy ice and snow storms can break weak branches and deposit them onto the roof, doing structural damage that requires serious repairs.

Inspect the Roof

Particularly if the home seller has a high-quality slate roof, regular roof inspections are important. Slate roofs, when properly maintained, can last over 100 years in spite of winter weather. In order to preserve the boost that slate roofing adds to a home’s selling price, every homeowner needs to keep it maintained. Hire a professional from Clean Sweep to complete an inspection before snow falls. Shingles break easily when stepped on, so homeowners should never independently attempt repairs. We can handle replacing damaged or missing slate shingles, lining valleys, repairing flashing and installing snow guards.

Clear Off Snow

Finally, whenever snow does fall, home sellers should remove all snow within four feet of drains and gutters to speed up the drainage process. Roof rakes are an easy way to get rid of excess snow safely.

Winter Roof Maintenance from Clean Sweep

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