What Every Realtor Should Know About Their Client’s Dryers

When any transfer of property takes place, it makes sense to inspect the areas of the home that are more fire prone to ensure there aren’t any hidden dangers that could pose threats to the new homeowner. The areas that stick out to most here are chimneys and ovens/ stoves. We absolutely agree that these are both parts of the home that could pose serious threats if not inspected and cleaned. However, particularly during the winter, it’s important to remember that dryers pose legitimate fire threats as well. Here’s what every realtor should know about dryer fires! […]

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Achieving Peace of Mind and Comfort this Winter with a Chimney Inspection

Now that snow is seemingly in the forecast every week here in Maryland, it’s the perfect time of year to maximize warmth and coziness with a nice fire. You should think twice before lighting your next one, however. When is the last time you had a proper chimney inspection and cleaning performed? […]

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How Long Does a Thorough Chimney Inspection and Cleaning Take?

Happy New Year! Home buying competition and prices both soared in 2021, and there is no reason to think that will be changing any time soon. As such, many across the state of Maryland are gearing up to list their homes on the market this spring! Naturally, this will take some planning. If your home sellers are curious about the length of time it takes for a thorough chimney inspection and cleaning, here is what they need to know! […]

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