Now that snow is seemingly in the forecast every week here in Maryland, it’s the perfect time of year to maximize warmth and coziness with a nice fire. You should think twice before lighting your next one, however. When is the last time you had a proper chimney inspection and cleaning performed?

A brief glance up the chimney just to make sure everything looks reasonable, and no visible damage is present isn’t a thorough enough approach.  Even if a chimney has been out of use for an extended period, there could still be creosote residue left behind. If any of the following issues are present in a chimney, creosote igniting could be the first domino that falls and triggers a disaster.

No Chimney Lining:  Without a liner, there is a higher chance of carbon monoxide and other dangerous fumes leaking into the home.

Disintegrating Masonry: Even high-quality bricks need regular mortar repair. Tuckpointing is a useful procedure that removes and replaces damaged mortar and dramatically extends the lifespan of the chimney. Masonry repair can make a chimney safer, restore an attractive appearance, and strengthen the structure.

Condensation Damage: If a chimney is left to disintegrate, condensation may leak through and cause damage to a home’s interior and the chimney’s exterior.

Flue Liner Damage: Your flue is essential to the safety of your family because it is what carries out smoke and toxic fumes. Cracks and damage can easily occur in the flue, and if you use your fireplace when the flue is damaged, you could be putting your health and safety at risk.

Draft Issues: One of the most common causes of drafts in the winter is a downdraft. Downdrafts happen whenever cold air blows outside and comes down your chimney and into your fireplace. They lead to smoke buildup problems and decreased home energy efficiency, and the best way to avoid them is by replacing (or installing) a chimney cap and having an inspector ensure that it was installed correctly.

Insufficient Clearance: If there is not a sufficient gap between the wooden frame of a home and the chimney, there is increased risk for home chimney fires.

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