Chimneys are not just a way to create a comfortable and welcoming ambiance in a home, they are also a critical piece of the house that requires regular maintenance to avoid any safety issues. While home inspections are a common part of the buying and selling processes, home inspectors do not have the same level of expertise in inspecting a chimney. Additionally, they don’t have the same tools as chimney inspectors. What are some of the common problems that they might miss at your client’s house?

Hidden Creosote Build-Up

Creosote buildup within chimneys is a significant concern and a potential fire hazard. However, it can be challenging to detect creosote accumulation without specialized tools. Our chimney inspectors utilize advanced technology and tools to assess the extent of creosote accumulation and identify issues that might be missed in standard home inspections. This ensures that your clients will be completely safe and not have any bad surprises down the road.

Structural Weakness

Chimneys are exposed to the weather and structural stress over time, which can lead to potential weaknesses. While obvious signs of damage to the exterior of the chimney might catch a home inspector’s eye, underlying structural issues could remain undetected without a thorough chimney inspection. Clean Sweep’s chimney professionals are adept at identifying these subtle weaknesses that could compromise the stability and safety of the chimney. Because structural issues can be a significant expense, having an inspection performed can save your clients money during the negotiation process.

Blockages and Animals

Chimneys often become nesting sites for birds or homes for other creatures, leading to blockages and ventilation issues. While some blockages might be obvious, others can be tucked away within the chimney’s intricate structure, escaping casual observation. Our inspectors meticulously examine chimney interiors, locating and addressing potential blockages, thereby safeguarding against ventilation problems and hazards.

Working With a Chimney Inspector Matters

Unfortunately, it isn’t easy to see what is going on inside a chimney without specialized tools and experience. As a result, every year people move into homes that have chimneys lined with dangerous creosote or structural damage that makes them unsafe. By working with a chimney inspector in addition to a home inspector, all of your buyers and sellers can act with confidence.

Help Your Clients Move With Confidence

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