If we needed a reminder that there’s still plenty of winter to go, the snowstorms of early February definitely did the trick! Whether you’ve been lighting up your fireplace all winter or have yet to enjoy your first fire of the season, there’s a decent chance it’s time to fix one of these common winter specific chimney issues.


Any number of objects could be blocking your chimney and keeping it from operating correctly. In the winter, we get more calls than usual for pest and nest removal simply because animals are always looking for the warmest place they can find to keep themselves sheltered from the harsh winter elements. Whenever a blockage occurs, it can prevent smoke and dangerous gases from leaving through the chimney like they should. If you notice smoke in your home or are concerned that your chimney is not working properly, you should call Clean Sweep as soon as possible.


Creosote is one of the most dangerous substances that can be found inside of a chimney. It is created when wood is burned in your fireplace and smoke enters the chimney. There are three primary types of creosote that accumulate, and all are dangerous enough to start a chimney fire. Regular cleanings will ensure creosote is removed from your chimney and not allowed to build up over time, so be sure to have your routine maintenance performed by the end of the winter.

Masonry Degradation

Chimney brickwork degrades over time, and damage can become severe when the issue is neglected.  Moreover, harsh winter weather can accelerate the damage. Tuckpointing is a very common type of maintenance as we move through the latter stages of winter and early spring. Damaged and crumbled mortar will be removed and refreshed in order to protect the bricks and the structural integrity of the chimney.

No Chimney Cap

There are a few things that can go wrong when it comes to chimneys in the winter, but chimney caps can prevent the majority of them. For example, a chimney cap will keep any pests from making their way into your chimney during any time of year. They can also keep moisture outside where it belongs, meaning your chimney will remain dry and free of any moisture related masonry damage.

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