Sometimes the sale of a home can hinge on the outcome of a home inspection. No buyer wants to hear that the inspection of their prospective home went poorly. As a real estate agent, you should always emphasize the importance of proactive chimney inspections to prevent any hiccups in the home buying process.

It’s the Law

A Level 2 chimney inspection is actually required upon the sale or transfer of any property. In a Level 1 inspection, the technician inspects readily accessible parts of the chimney to confirm its structural integrity. A Level 2 inspection is considerably more thorough and requires the use of video scanning technology to accurately gauge the condition of the chimney. If there are any issues with a home’s chimney or flue, a Level 2 inspection will bring them to light so they can be addressed before the transfer or property ownership takes place.

Avoid Surprises

Even if a home seems like the perfect space for your client after a showing, their opinion may change after a poor home inspection. Additionally, sellers may not always be willing to reduce the price of the home to compensate for the cleaning service. Our recommendation is to avoid all of the headache and address the chimney cleaning up front. That way, you’ll be able to share guaranteed good news after the inspection is completed.

Protect Your Reputation

As a realtor, you want to continue to build your reputation with each buyer and seller you interact with. Sellers will appreciate the peace of mind that no unexpected chimney hang-ups will keep them from selling their home in a timely manner. Additionally, buyers won’t question whether the home they are considering buying poses a threat to them and their loved ones. In the long run, everyone in the homebuying process will benefit from proactive chimney sweeping when you choose an experienced business like Clean Sweep.

Clean Sweep Is Here to Help!

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