At your June and July showings, logs won’t be crackling in the fireplace and holiday carols won’t be streaming through the tinsel-decked halls. However, that doesn’t mean that you can skip the chimney inspection! Clean chimneys ensure that the homes you are selling are safe and ready for the next homeowners.

Why Is Chimney Inspection Important?

Home inspectors are known for being very thorough, but there are areas that can escape their expertise. The chimney is often one of them. Many times, a chimney inspection team will catch structural and safety concerns that home inspectors missed. A chimney inspection will include an examination of the chimney’s exterior, interior and the chimney connection. The structure will be inspected and the chimney will be cleaned. Chimney cleaning removes soot, debris, creosote and blockages from the inside of the chimney, including the chimney liner, firebox, damper and smoke chamber. If creosote isn’t regularly removed, it can cause a chimney fire.

What Does a Chimney Inspection Include?

A professional chimney inspection will include:

  • Diagnostics
  • An examination of the chimney structure
  • Debris removal
  • Creosote removal
  • A 12-point checklist examination to ensure that nothing is missed or overlooked
  • Suggestions for repair or replacement

Why Does Chimney Inspection Matter Throughout the Year?

Whether you are selling a home or assisting in the purchase of a home, the structural integrity and safety of the chimney is paramount. If you are helping to list a home, a chimney in poor condition will lower the asking price and potentially stop buyers in their tracks. If you are assisting in the purchase of a home, your clients need to know whether or not the home they are purchasing is as advertised.

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