When it comes to maintaining a healthy home environment, duct cleaning is one of the most effective ways to reduce allergens around the house. However, many homeowners hear myths about what duct cleaning can and cannot do, which makes it difficult to separate fact from fiction. As a company dedicated to providing top-notch duct cleaning services, we want you to be able to make an informed decision.

Myth 1: Duct Cleaning Is Unnecessary

This is one of the most pervasive myths. Many believe that, because air ducts are out of sight, they don’t require regular cleaning. However, dust, pollen, pet dander, and even mold can accumulate in your ducts over time and decrease the air quality in your home. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) says that homeowners should consider cleaning their ducts if there is visible mold growth, if they’ve recently had a pest problem, or if they are filled with excessive amounts of dust and debris. Regular duct cleaning helps maintain a cleaner living environment, reduces allergens, and improves your overall indoor air quality.

Myth 2: Dryer Vent Cleaning Isn’t Needed If You Clean the Lint Trap

While cleaning the lint trap after every load of laundry is important, it is not enough to keep your dryer vent system clean. The lint trap only captures a portion of the lint produced while drying your clothes. The rest can accumulate in the dryer vent over time and create a significant fire hazard. According to the U.S. Fire Administration, clogged dryer vents are a leading cause of dryer fires and house fires. Regular professional cleaning of your dryer vents ensures that all lint and debris are removed, which reduces the risk of a fire and improves your dryer’s efficiency.

Myth 3: Duct Cleaning Doesn’t Really Make Indoor Air Cleaner

Would you pour clean water into a dirty glass? In the same way, cleaning your ducts can make sure that the clean air circulating in your home is not picking up excess dust and dander on its way through your vents. Over time, air ducts can become a magnet for dust, allergens, and other debris. Each time your HVAC system runs, these particles can circulate throughout your home, potentially causing respiratory issues and allergies. Professional duct cleaning removes these contaminants so the clean air in your home is also circulating in clean ducts.

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