Here at Clean Sweep, we value the importance of providing each customer with a clear, concise and honest report featuring photos of our inspection findings with pass/fail indicators. Our highly trained technicians employ an exclusive 12-point checklist during inspections, which they will review with you item-by-item afterwards. We strive to ensure that you are involved and educated about the potentially unsafe conditions that could lead to a dangerous or an unhealthy environment inside a home. After all, we’re the experts!
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Expected Forecast:
Strong Spring Real Estate Markets

Winter weather forecasts in the DMV may be tame, but the spring real estate market is expected to deliver strong results for agents in the area due to first-time millennial buyers and record low mortgage rates. As a real estate agent, it’s incredibly exciting when business starts booming with motivated buyers. However, time is of the essence when you’re trying to close a sale.

Need next day results? No problem. Our expert technicians will inspect the chimney, inside and out, and deliver the results of our exclusive 12-point analysis to you within 24 hours. This is why Baltimore’s top real estate agents choose Clean Sweep when they need to quickly ensure a home’s chimney is in top shape, regardless of the purchase price.

If work is needed, we can provide it at an honest, equitable price that will leave your clients relieved, and allow you to focus on your main goal: getting a signature on the bottom line.

Give us a call today at 410-558-1111 or contact us online to discuss your chimney, gutter, slate, or duct and venting needs. We would be happy to assist you.

New Clients can Receive a $99 Inspection!