As a real estate professional, you value the safety of your clients now and in the future. One of the essential parts of buying a home is the home inspection. While home inspectors are highly trained and able to detect many different problems in the home, they are not specialists in chimney issues. In a five-year period, house fires led to 2,620 deaths and $6.9 billion in property damage. Chimney inspections are a chance to stop these fires before they have the chance to start.

Specialization Matters

When you have a problem with your heart, where do you go? The first place that you head might be your primary care doctor, but they will likely give you a referral to the cardiologist. That is not because the doctor doesn’t know what the heart is or basic things about it. Instead, it’s because they know that a specialist will be better equipped to spot problems and develop a solution. In the same way, a home inspector can provide you with a general overview of many systems in a home, but a chimney inspector can take a close look at the chimney.

Focus on the Chimney

Chimney inspections focus primarily on chimneys and fireplaces. The inspector will evaluate the chimney liner, the flue, and the overall structural integrity of the chimney to ensure safe operation. They will also check for creosote buildup, blockages, and any signs of wear and tear. The only way to get a detailed look inside the chimney of a house your client is thinking of purchasing is by scheduling a chimney inspection.

A Better Understanding of Safety Issues

Chimney inspections are crucial for safety reasons, especially in homes with active fireplaces. Issues like creosote buildup or damaged liners can lead to chimney fires or carbon monoxide poisoning. Chimney inspectors assess these risks meticulously. Home inspectors, while concerned with overall safety, might not have the specialized knowledge required to identify specific chimney-related hazards.

Specific Recommendations

Chimney inspections often result in specific recommendations for repairs or maintenance related to the chimney and fireplace. These could include chimney relining, repairs to the masonry, or the installation of chimney caps. Home inspector inspections provide a broader view of the property’s condition, offering recommendations for general repairs and maintenance needs. The best way to get expert advice is to turn to the experts—the chimney inspectors.

Help Your Clients Move With Confidence

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