All realtors know to make sure the kitchen faucet isn’t dripping and to touch up the caulk in the bathtub, but many totally forget about one of the most dangerous parts of the home—the chimney. Over time, even well-maintained chimneys can accumulate creosote build-up on the inside. What is creosote and how can it harm your home sale?

Creosote: The Basics

Creosote is a flammable and dangerous buildup that accumulates on the inside of a residential chimney. Creosote is formed when small wood particles, fly ash and gas byproducts combine in the chimney as they leave the home. If a residential chimney isn’t cleaned regularly or ventilated, creosote will form on the chimney walls. Over time, the creosote build-up creates a powder keg waiting to explode and can cause a devastating chimney fire.

Creosote goes through three formation stages, each with its own removal technique. The first phase is a flaky and dark soot-like material that is simple for a chimney sweep to remove during a pre-home sale cleaning. The second stage is a hard, shiny, dark black tar-like substance on the inside. This takes a bit more work to remove. The final and most dangerous stage is a thick tarry coating on the inside of the chimney that has hardened. If a home inspector spots this on the inside of one of your clients’ chimneys, you won’t just potentially lose a sale, you will also need to immediately remedy the dangerous situation.

Getting Rid of Creosote

The best way to get rid of creosote buildup in one of the homes that you are selling is with the help of a trusted chimney company like Clean Sweep Maryland. We have years of experience helping realtors get chimneys up to code. We have the tools to get the job done right and can point out any structural or additional issues when we visit. The small investment of money and time that you and your clients put in now will pay off majorly during the home selling process. Nobody wants to purchase a home that is a fire hazard, after all!

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