Winter isn’t the same without a warm fire to gather around on brisk nights, which is why homeowners like you enjoy having a fireplace. While the fireplace might be a centerpiece of your home, there’s a good chance you don’t spend too much time thinking about your chimney. Without regular maintenance and care, a hazardous and damaged chimney could be lurking above your beautiful fireplace. How can you increase the lifespan of your chimney?

Regular Maintenance

Just like many other costly parts of your home and life, like your roof, your furnace and your vehicle, chimneys last the longest and perform the best when they have regular maintenance. Preventative maintenance eliminates the build-up of flammable creosote that can occur over time, and it also can identify repairs that should be made before more serious damage can occur. Some issues can make the chimney unusable if they are not remedied in a timely fashion.

Replace Your Chimney Liner

Cracks in your chimney flue liner can lead to carbon monoxide leaking into your home and causing very serious health issues. Many older chimneys do not have chimney liners at all, which can further increase risk. If you are missing a chimney liner, or yours is old and damaged, you should replace it to add years to the lifespan of your chimney.


One of the biggest causes of chimney damage and failure is water damage. Whenever water gets into masonry, bricks or mortar, it degrades the material and structural integrity of the chimney. Chimney caps are one way to keep water outside of the interior structure of the chimney, but waterproofing is the best way to also protect the exterior. Waterproofing stops water from penetrating the bricks and deflects water away from the chimney exterior.

Install a Chimney Cap

As we mentioned above, a chimney cap will not guard your chimney against all water-related issues, but it can prevent water and animals from entering the inside of the chimney. Yard debris, plant matter, water, birds and other pests will all have a much harder time getting inside with a chimney cap.

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