Is it okay for homeowners to tackle chimney cleaning alone? Do homebuyers really care about how safe and clean a chimney is before signing on the dotted line? Will a home inspector be able to catch potential issues in a chimney? There are countless myths about the importance of chimney cleaning before a home sale, especially in the realtor community.

Sellers Can Take Care of Chimney Cleaning

This myth isn’t just wrong; it’s also hazardous. Any chimney cleaning or chimney inspection services should be completed by a certified and trained chimney sweep. The inside of a chimney is a surprisingly complex place, and there are many components that need to be examined and repaired. If you do not know what you are looking for, it’s easy to miss serious structural flaws and write off subtle issues. A professional chimney sweep should always be in charge of cleaning and inspecting a chimney.

If It Isn’t Winter, It Doesn’t Matter

Since a chimney can be cleaned at any point during the year but it’s typically only utilized in the late fall and winter, some realtors and home sellers assume that buyers won’t really be paying attention. It’s actually easier to have an inspection and cleaning performed in the off-months, since chimney sweeps will have higher availability. Inspectors will also care about whether or not a chimney is safe throughout the year. Don’t risk getting a bad home inspector’s report by skipping a chimney cleaning.

New Houses Don’t Need Inspections and Cleanings

Unless there is documented evidence of a chimney servicing in the past year, the chimney needs an inspection and cleaning. You should never leave the safety of your client or the homebuyer you are selling to in the hands of “he said she said.” The optimal time to have a chimney cleaning and inspection performed is before closing. This will identify any repairs that need to be made so that both parties can come to an agreement about remedying the situation before the transaction is finalized.

If It Has a Chimney Liner, It Doesn’t Need to Be Cleaned

A new or good-quality chimney liner is a good way to keep the inside of the chimney protected and prevent too much creosote build-up. However, chimneys with liners still should have annual inspections and cleanings to get rid of creosote.

A High-Quality Chimney Inspection from Clean Sweep

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