Duct cleaning has several benefits that homeowners are sure to appreciate. For starters, contaminants like dirt and dust can notably reduce the efficiency of an HVAC system, causing the system to work harder and cost more to run simultaneously. Additionally, duct cleaning removes dirt and dust that we maybe didn’t even know existed, keeping us and our loved ones from breathing in those harmful contaminants.

HVAC efficiency and dust free ducts are clearly important, but it’s highly unlikely that visitors at an open house would be able to detect dirty ducts when having a casual tour around a home. They’d have to do a little more digging to discover such issues. Additionally, first time visitors probably won’t be able to tell whether the HVAC system is operating at peak efficiency either. How would they know the difference? Why even make an effort to clean your ducts at all before the open house- especially when it’s not even a requirement to do so? We have two key reasons why its absolutely the right call to schedule a duct cleaning before an open house event.

Remove Mold and Other Airborne Contaminants

If moisture gets trapped in your ductwork, mold and mildew will surely start growing as a result. If this has already occurred in your client’s home, allergies or other respiratory ailments could be triggered amongst the guests upon their arrival. Even if the home is newer, drywall dust and other building materials trapped in the ductwork can trigger equally unpleasant symptoms.

Eliminate Foul Odors

Your client’s guests should be welcomed by the characteristics that drew them to visit this home in person in the first place, and not by the musty odor of dust and mold that results from infrequent duct cleaning.  Thus, you should encourage your clients to remove the invisible threats that dirty ducts can cause by scheduling a duct cleaning with the trusted professionals at Clean Sweep!

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