We always stress the importance of chimney inspections to our customers involved in real estate. Whether your client is buying or selling a home, it’s in their best interest to have this critical inspection completed. Above all, a Level 2 chimney inspection is required prior to the sale of any property. This guideline exists for good reason! Here are a few issues we commonly run into when completing chimney inspections.

Common Chimney Related Issues We Come Across

No Chimney Lining, or Cracked Chimney Lining. Chimney linings are now the standard for safe, structurally sound chimneys. However, it’s not guaranteed that every home has one installed. Most often, older homes with neglected fireplaces are the ones without a chimney lining. Without one, there is a higher chance of carbon monoxide and dangerous fumes leaking into the home. There is also a higher chance of serious problems with creosote build-up that can lead to fires.

Brickwork Degradation. Even the highest quality bricks need regular mortar repair. If we detect any unsafe brickwork, we can restore an attractive appearance and more importantly, strengthen the structure.

Creosote Buildup. Creosote buildup is the most common issue we run into during our inspections. That’s because creosote starts to form as a direct result of regular fireplace usage. Once it starts accumulating, it produces major fire risks!

Blockages. Particularly if there is no chimney cap, obstructions can begin to form in the chimney or enter from outside. Blockages are a serious hazard, as they can stop smoke from properly exiting the chimney. Bird nests, squirrel nests, creosote and leaves should all be removed by a professional during the chimney cleaning process. To prevent future blockages, we frequently install chimney caps for homeowners with this potentially threatening dilemma.

Avoiding These Underlying Issues Can Be Costly

There are an average of 25,000 chimney fires per year in the US, and they result in roughly $125 million in property damage. If we detect any of the issues outline above in your client’s home, we can deliver a fix and keep them from becoming part of that unfortunate statistic.

Clean Sweep Is Here to Help!

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