Real estate professionals are expected to have a great deal of knowledge about not only selling homes but also different parts of the home. Chimneys have specialized vocabulary to describe different elements of the chimney, and understanding different vocabulary terms will help you to help your clients throughout the chimney inspection and home buying or selling processes.

Chimney Terms That Every Realtor Needs to Know

  1. Carbon Monoxide: Sometimes confused with carbon dioxide (but very different), carbon monoxide is an odorless, colorless and tasteless gas that is poisonous. It can be a side effect of incomplete combustion in the fireplace and be deadly. Regular chimney maintenance is key to preventing carbon monoxide poisoning.
  2. Chimney Cap: A chimney cap sits on top of a chimney, and it is designed to prevent moisture, wildlife and other debris from falling into the chimney or accessing it. While every chimney does not have automatically have a chimney cap installed, they are now the standard for chimney design and maintenance.
  3. Chimney Cleaning/Sweeping: When a client of yours has a chimney sweeping done, one of our professionals will remove soot, creosote and any other debris from the chimney. Chimney cleaning should be done on a regular basis to maintain the chimney, and it should always be done before a home sale.
  4. Chimney Liner: The liner is one of the most common places where we see damage during a pre-listing or pre-sale chimney inspection. A chimney liner is the inside of the chimney, and it can be either metal or tile. They should be fully intact and free from cracks, perforation or damage. If there is damage to the liner, carbon monoxide and heat can enter the home and cause damage.
  5. Creosote: This is removed during a chimney cleaning, and it is a very flammable byproduct of wood smoke.
  6. Flue: the flue is the passage inside of the chimney that moves gases from the inside of the chimney to the outside of the home.
  7. Damper: The damper helps control how much air gets into or out of a chimney.
  8. Firebox: The firebox is also known as the chamber, and it is where the fire actually burns.

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