As a real estate agent, you understand the critical nature of a house inspection. Unsafe wiring, improper plumbing and construction done without a permit can all ruin a potential home sale. However, do you understand why proactive chimney inspections are just as important? Proactive chimney inspections and cleanings prevent any chimney or fireplace issues from standing between your client and the sale of their home.

Guard Against Unanticipated Expenses

Without a chimney inspection and cleaning before listing and showing a home, your clients could be faced with a steep repair bill and a buyer that wants them to be completed or have the cost taken out of the listing price of the home. When you have a comprehensive chimney inspection performed beforehand, your sellers will have the opportunity to proactively address any issues or give the prospective buyers full disclosure before an additional inspection is performed. If the chimney is in excellent condition, an inspection will also confirm that and give you great news to pass along.

It’s Required

The National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA) requires a level 2 chimney inspection as part of every home sale. A level 1 inspection is the equivalent of making sure that there are no blatantly obvious structural issues and giving a chimney a cursory inspection. A level 2 inspection is more detailed and includes an inspection of the flue and chimney with high-tech camera equipment.

Your Reputation Matters

As a real estate agent, your reputation is paramount to the continued success of your business. A chimney inspection gives sellers the peace of mind that their home is in excellent condition and buyers the assurance that there are no serious or dangerous issues lurking in the chimney that will be the centerpiece of many holiday celebrations and winter days. Because your reputation matters, it’s also important to partner with an experienced chimney sweep company like Clean Sweep.

Clean Sweep Is Here to Help!

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