Over 15,000 house fires a year are directly associated with clothes dryers. If dryer vents are not cleaned on a regular basis to keep them free of lint, debris and excess dust, homeowners are putting themselves in a surprisingly dangerous situation. Many people don’t realize that the same heat that dries their clothes can ignite lint and cause a devastating house fire. As a real estate agent, it is your duty to make sure that your home sellers and home buyers are ensuring the fire safety of the dryer vents in the home.

Signs That Dryer Vents Are Overdue for Cleaning

  •  Clothes are not dry after a normal drying cycle
  • A lingering musty odor clings to your clothes
  • When you open the dryer, clothes are extremely hot to the touch
  • When using the dryer, the vent hood flap does not open normally to get out hot air
  • There is visible debris inside of the dryer vent opening
  • A great deal of lint is visible in the lint trap after every dryer cycle

A home inspector, during the inspection, might also notice that dryer vents seem to be unusually full of dirt, debris or dryer lint.

Preventing Dryer Fires

Homeowners can take simple steps to prevent a dryer fire from occurring in their homes, including:

  • Always reading manufacturer instructions and warnings before installing a dryer
  • Checking to make sure that the right electrical outlet and plug are being used
  • Having the dryer vents professionally cleaned on a regular basis to prevent hazardous accumulation
  • Cleaning out the lint filter after every load of laundry
  • Examining the venting system behind the clothes dryer for damage a few times a year

As a realtor, you can ensure that home sellers know why it is vital to have a professional dryer vent cleaning before having a home inspection completed and selling the property. Time spent keeping everything properly maintained will protect the sellers before they move out and the buyers as they move in.

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