Chilly nights and brisk mornings are here, which means that many homeowners are suddenly noticing problems with their chimneys. While many chimneys can last for decades with regular preventative maintenance and repairs, some homeowners forget about the importance of preventative maintenance until it is too late! What are the most common fall chimney problems?

The Most Common Fall Chimney Problems

  1. Obstruction: Blockage in your chimney can be the result of a broad range of things, including animals or creosote. Whenever blockage occurs, it can prevent smoke and dangerous gases from leaving through the chimney like they should. If you notice smoke in your home or are concerned that your chimney is not working properly, you should call Clean Sweep as soon as possible.
  2. Creosote: Creosote is one of the most dangerous substances that can be found inside of a chimney. It is created when wood is burned in your fireplace and smoke enters the chimney. There are three primary types of creosote that accumulate, and all are dangerous enough to start a chimney fire. Regular cleanings will ensure creosote is removed from your chimney and not allowed to build up over time.
  3. Brickwork Issues: Masonry will degrade over time, and damage can become severe when the issue is neglected. Tuckpointing is a very common type of maintenance in the summer and fall. Damaged and crumbled mortar will be removed and new mortar will be added in to protect the bricks and the structural integrity of the chimney.
  4. Missing Chimney Cap: A chimney cap is excellent to keep animals, leaves and other debris from entering the chimney. Chimney caps also guard against moisture coming inside of the chimney and doing damage to the masonry. If your cap is broken or missing, fall is the perfect time to have one installed before animals will be looking for a warm place to stay for the winter and be tempted by your chimney!

Prevent Fall Chimney Problems with Clean Sweep Maryland

Clean Sweep Maryland has the professional equipment necessary to remove any amount of creosote from your chimney, along with performing repairs to your chimney, your liner or your insulation.  Call Clean Sweep Maryland today at 410-558-1111 for professional chimney sweep, dryer vent cleaning, air duct cleaning and gutter cleaning services designed to keep your home in wonderful condition and your family safe.