Spring is here, and along with it comes plenty of rain and sunshine. While sunshine is a great thing for getting outside and enjoying time with your family, rain can shine a spotlight on any issues with your chimney. What are the most common spring chimney problems that Clean Sweep can help you with?

4 Common Spring Chimney Problems

  1. Chimney Obstruction: Obstructions can be caused by a wide variety of things, whether it is a bird nest or excess creosote build-up inside of the chimney. Whenever obstructions occur, it can draw smoke into the home instead of letting it out through the chimney like it should. If you are experiencing any type of chimney obstruction, we can assist you in determining what the problem is and fixing it.
  2. Creosote: Creosote is a very dangerous problem inside of chimneys that have not been properly swept in a while, as it is very flammable. All three types of creosote can lead to chimney fires, and many of the tragic chimney fires every year are caused by dirty chimneys. Your chimney should be inspected annually to ensure there is no hazardous build-up inside.
  3. Cracks in the Flue: Chimney linings are constantly undergoing stress, whether it is from the heat inside of the chimney or the accumulation of creosote. Whenever moisture combines with creosote, the lining can deteriorate. If your chimney lining is cracked or damaged, it will need to be replaced before you can safely start a fire again. When we inspect your chimney, we will check to ensure the flue is in great condition.
  4. Brickwork Issues: Masonry will naturally deteriorate over time as moisture seeps in. Chimneys that have not been properly maintained can crumble, lean over or collapse entirely. Tuckpointing is a common procedure to remove any damaged mortar and replace it with new mortar for increased structural stability and reduced chance of leakage. Making repairs now is much more affordable than dealing with the leakage or tremendous cost of a collapsed chimney later down the road.

Clean Sweep Is Here to Help!

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