Inspections are one of the final steps in the homebuying process. When they don’t go so well, however, buyers you expected to pull the trigger on the home of their dreams could back out of the deal altogether. As such, it’s important to inspect each home for common issues before listing them on the market. Doing so just might be the difference between making a sale and stumbling right at the finish line.

Drainage System

Without proper surface grading surrounding a home, leaky basements, mildew and a host of other issues are sure to arise over time. If a home is dealing with drainage issues, adding topsoil to create a sloped buffer around the home will usually help significantly. You could also consider suggesting a gutter installation or repair in order to redirect water from the foundation.


Chimney inspections are actually required before the transfer of property, so this is definitely not an inspection you’ll want to forget. If a potential buyer discovers a chimney has essentially been abandoned for years, doubts may start to creep in about the long-term maintenance of the entire home. Avoid this red flag and make sure your buyers are proactive with their chimney inspection!


Attic and crawlspace inspections are often overlooked simply because these are often quite difficult areas to access. That doesn’t make these inspections any less important, however. Roof damage, leaks or mold issues could be up there awaiting a potential buyer, and these red flags will at the very least make them reconsider whether this is really the home for them.

HVAC System

Most home inspectors will take a thorough look at a home’s HVAC system to ensure it is fully ready to perform in the hottest and coldest parts of the year. Be sure to remember that this means they will likely have a look at air conditioning ducts and vents as well. If a home is discovered to have dust and dirt accumulating in these areas, your seller will definitely want to have them cleaned before listing the home. Inspectors will likely also observe the ductwork and flue pipes to ensure they were installed correctly and don’t have any visible damage.

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