Are you planning to upgrade your roof this year? If so, you’re probably pouring through all of your material options and weighing the pros and cons. There are a lot of roofing materials out there, and each of them offer a host of unique features and benefits. Out of all of the choices, however, we find that slate roofing offers the best combination of perks. Here are the benefits of upgrading to a slate roof!

Long Lasting

It’s no secret that slate roofing costs more than alternatives like asphalt, but there is good reason for it. Your brand-new slate roof can last up to 150 years with only minimal maintenance! That certainly beats the 25 years you can expect with a conventional asphalt roof, and slate roofs often pay for themselves in the end as a result.

Aesthetic Upgrade

A slate roof is a great way to boost the external appearance of virtually any home. The elegance and natural beauty that a slate roof offers will boost the appearance of your home for years to come. When the time comes to sell, you can expect your slate roof to increase the value of your home as well.

Weather Resistant

Slate has low water absorption, meaning it is mold resistant and also holds up well to frost damage and complications from freezing and thawing. When you choose a slate roof, you can have full confidence that it will hold up to even the windiest and rainiest days of the year. On the opposite end of the weather spectrum, slate tiles are also completely fireproof!

Environmentally Friendly

Roofing and other construction waste accounts for a shocking amount of space in our landfills year after year. Consider that the majority of that roofing waste can be attributed to asphalt shingle roofing that needs replacement every 20 to 30 years. On the other hand, a roof that lasts well over 100 years will contribute very little waste to our landfills.

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