Building and maintaining a strong reputation are critical factors for success in real estate. The little details count, and that’s why we recommend going out of your way to partner with a trustworthy and reputable chimney sweep when it’s time for your client’s upcoming chimney inspection and/ or cleaning. Here are four things to look out for when partnering with a chimney sweep.

Extensive Training

All chimney sweeps are not built like Clean Sweep! Never assume that a chimney sweep has a full staff of professionals ready to deliver top tier service. At Clean Sweep, our chimney sweeps are professionals who have formal training and certification from the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA). Regardless of which technician is servicing your client’s home, you can enjoy the peace of mind that they are qualified to perform the task at hand in a safe and efficient manner.

Fully Insured Business

Anyone you allow to work in a home that is about to be put on the market should be fully insured and be able to provide proof of insurance. Insurance provides a guarantee that any unexpected issues that arise during maintenance won’t become your client’s financial responsibility.

Experience in the Field

While years in existence isn’t everything, it’s best to partner with a company that is an established name in the community. Clean Sweep brings a quality reputation and over 30 years of experience to every job!

Professional Aesthetic

Beyond insurance, it’s also worthwhile to confirm you have partnered with an organized professional. Since the investment your clients make in chimney cleaning directly affects the safety of the home and the smoothness of the transaction, you should not try to cut corners and costs. Are uniforms branded? Does the truck bear the logo of the business? Are branded invoices provided? All of these are signs that you can trust the people coming to work in homes you’ve listed.

Partner with Clean Sweep for Professional, Reliable Chimney Service!

Call Clean Sweep Maryland today at 410-558-1111 for professional chimney sweep, slate roofing and duct cleaning services designed to keep all of your listed properties clean and safe for sellers and buyers. If you have a prospective home buyer or home seller in need of a chimney inspection or repairs, we are here to help!