We’re just a few weeks away from peak fall foliage here in Maryland. After we take in all the beautiful sights across our state, the leaves will begin making their descent toward our yards. Some of them may end up in our gutters as well, which leads us to the question: is it worth installing gutter guards to make your life easier this fall?

Gutter Guards are Not 100% Reliable

Gutter guards can do a great job of keeping large debris from clogging up your gutters, but they shouldn’t be viewed as a completely foolproof solution. This is especially true for those whose homes are surrounded by trees. Leaves will fall, and the guards will keep them out, but clogs are still bound to happen if debris is left to pile up over time.

How Can Gutter Guards Fail?

Gutter guards can fail in a few ways. They are great at keeping out large debris, but sometimes small debris will slip past the guard and into the draining channel. As this debris accumulates, you could end up with tons of plant material rotting in your gutters and leading to backups, clogs, and overflows. In the past, we’ve also seen small debris and even moss growth covering the tiny drainage slits or holes designed to let water flow past the gutter guards. This prevents the water you are trying to drain from even entering the gutter, and can cause all of the usual nightmare issues associated with gutter failures:

  • Water intrusion
  • Rotted soffits
  • Rotted fascia

Avoiding Gutter Failure

Regardless of whether you choose to have gutter guards installed, regular gutter cleanings from a professional service like Clean Sweep Maryland are the best way to avoid catastrophic failure and keep your gutters flowing year-round. Additionally, following these tips should allow you to stay ahead of any develop issues with your gutter system:

  1. Snake out the downspouts of your gutters if you notice issues with the water flowing out of them
  2. Have your gutters and downspouts inspected to see if there are any cracks, holes, or rusted spots
  3. Immediately replace any damaged sections of your gutters when they are detected to avoid problems with one section leading to bigger and broader problems
  4. If you do choose to use gutter guards to protect your gutters, make a habit of checking them regularly to make sure nothing slipped through, and that plant matter and debris did not block the holes on top.

Clean Sweep Is Here to Help with Your Gutter Cleaning!

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