If you are preparing to sell your home, there are many ways you could sabotage the sale without even realizing it. Here are four of the sneakiest ways you could be scaring off buyers and how to fix them with Clean Sweep.

Seriously Damaged Slate

Do you have slate roofing? It’s well known for being one of the most durable roofing options on the market, but it can also get damaged over time. Roofs and siding are two of the major elements people viewing your home will pay attention to, and if either is damaged they’ll second guess purchasing the property. Clean Sweep can take care of damaged or missing shingle replacement, flashing renewal and repair and installing snow guards to add value to your roof.

Dusty Ducts

Most homeowners forget to have their vents and ducts cleaned throughout the year, leading to dust and allergen build-up over time. If a prospective homebuyer enters your home and sneezes before being able to take in the foyer, you could have a dust problem on your hands. Duct and vent cleaning is a safety and health issue that you should have taken care of every year, not just when you are selling your home.

Gross Gutters

When was the last time you installed new gutters or had yours professionally cleaned? Gutters are one of the first things that prospective homebuyers will see in photos of your home and when they visit your home. Clean Sweep can take care of installing brand new aluminum, copper or galvanized steel gutters and cleaning the gutters that you have. To add major value to your home, consider installing maintenance-free gutter cover systems as well.

A Frightening Fireplace

Have you cleaned your fireplace in a while? If your fireplace is worse for wear, it turns off homeowners who want to take advantage of all your home’s amenities. If you are preparing to sell, have your fireplace inspected and thoroughly cleaned by Clean Sweep.  We can also take care of examining your chimney to ensure it’s in working order and doesn’t pose a danger to new homeowners.

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