By now we have surely stressed to you, our valuable readers, the importance of regular chimney inspections – but how often do you transform our advice into action? Chimney and fireplace maintenance is about proactive prevention and protection, not procrastination. The impact of a poorly maintained chimney can be catastrophic.

Pro Tips For a Well-Maintained Chimney & Fireplace

In between your annual professional chimney cleaning, it is wise to use the following tips as a guideline for a safe, well-maintained chimney and fireplace year-round:

  • Frequently assess the outside of your chimney and flashing for damage & vulnerabilities such as holes, cracks, loose seals, missing mortar joints & broken/deteriorating brick
  • Inspect the outside of your fireplace regularly, maintaining a keen eye for the signs of necessary chimney repairs such as cracked/loose bricks & discoloration
  • Always clean the firebox before lighting a new fire, ensuring that last year’s ashes, charcoal & further debris have been removed safely & effectively
  • Assess your fireplace for signs of moisture, including spalling (when the surface of the brick breaks off or becomes damaged), rusting, damaged mortar, etc.
  • Invest in a chimney cap & be on the lookout for insecurities or holes in the wire mesh to combat the impact of birds, squirrels, pests & moisture buildup
  • Test your damper throughout the year when your fireplace is not in use to ensure that it opens & closes easily
  • Using a flashlight, carefully inspect the flue for a buildup of creosote – a black/brown, tar-like, toxic substance that can accumulate on the interior walls & lead to a dangerous chimney fire (call a professional for safe creosote removal)
  • Clear the walls surrounding your fireplace of all combustible materials and decor that could contribute to a devastating fire hazard

Need help spotting the tell-tale signs of chimney damage and ensuring the safety of your home and the loved ones who reside there? Schedule an appointment with one of Clean Sweep’s Certified Chimney Professionals today!