Gutter cleaning is one of the least glamorous but most important outdoor chores for homeowners. Without regular gutter cleanings, serious problems like blocked downpipes and flooding can occur. If you have been a little too relaxed about scheduling your gutter cleaning, you might be noticing some of these signs already. Now is the perfect time to clean out your gutters before the spring and summer rains kick into full gear!

6 Ways to Tell You’re Overdue for a Gutter Cleaning:

  1. Grass and plants are growing out of your gutters. This alarming sign is proof positive that you need a gutter cleaning immediately. Since plants can’t grow in your gutters without soil and leaves to put roots in, it’s clear your gutters have not been cleaned for a long time.
  2. Water is spilling out of your gutters instead of flowing through them when it rains. Blocked gutters will force water to spill over or out instead of taking it a safe distance from the home. Water spilling out can also lead to flooding in your basement and foundation damage.
  3. Birds nesting inside of the gutter. Birds will notice the accumulation of leaves and yard debris in dirty gutters and take that as an invitation to form a nest. If you have feathered friends clogging up your gutters, it’s time to clean!
  4. Gutters that are visibly sagging. The weight of old leaves, yard debris and water can get very heavy. If you don’t have your gutters cleaned regularly, the weight of this yard material can actually lead to your gutters becoming permanently damaged.
  5. Increased insect and pest activity around your home. Gutters act as ideal incubators for mosquito colonies when water sits in the warm sun. If you notice a greater number of bugs when you step outside, the cause might be right above your head.
  6. Staining and mold on your home siding. Whenever water flows out of the gutter, the dirt can stain the side of your home. If this moisture sits for extended periods of time or is on the shady side of your home, mold can also grow.

A gutter cleaning from Clean Sweep can get your gutters back into wonderful shape in no time.

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