Two of the biggest reasons realtors lose sales are lurking right in front of your eyes in every home—the roof and the chimney. A damaged roof or chimney lowers the value of a home and makes buyers less likely to take the plunge. Help your home sellers fix these two critical areas of the home this fall to always get the asking price.

Damaged Roof

One of the largest expenses most home buyers worry about after moving in is the cost of replacing or repairing the roof. If your client’s roof is leaking or obviously damaged, it will be almost impossible to sell the home for a competitive amount, as every buyer will mentally subtract the cost of a new roof from the asking price.

Fix It!

If the roof has storm damage, like missing shingles, but is otherwise structurally sound, repairing the roof may be the most cost-effective option. However, if the roof is damaged enough that it could be replaced, replacement is the smartest choice. A new roof will put prospective buyers’ minds at ease and also add value to the home. A recent market study showed that a new roof will recoup 63% of its cost in the home’s asking price. A roof upgrade can mean a better deal for the buyer and a better deal for the seller.

Damaged Chimney

Chimneys are not just important structural parts of the home; they are also potential safety hazards if they are in a state of disrepair. Just like with a damaged roof, buyers will expect the home price to be lowered the amount that it will cost to repair the chimney. Have a chimney inspection before listing to identify any problems and create a repair plan.

Fix It!

Creosote build-up is a big problem for home sellers. Creosote is a dangerous and flammable build-up inside of many chimneys. An inspection and cleaning can remove creosote build-up and make a chimney safe again. If there is a need for bigger scale repairs to the structure of the chimney, the experts at Clean Sweep can complete the repairs, inspect the final product and get your client’s home in open house-ready condition.

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