As the nights become cooler and winter creeps closer, prospective homebuyers are paying extra attention to two areas of the home critical for protection against the chill; the roof and the chimney. A roof or chimney that is damaged can dramatically lower home value and stop an otherwise easy sale in its tracks.

The Roof Should Stand Up to Snow and Ice

Fall homebuyers are especially concerned about the condition of the roof since it will need to stand up to a Maryland winter of ice and snow. If the roof is leaking, missing shingles or in any state of disrepair, home inspectors and prospective homebuyers will immediately notice and expect a significant discount on the asking price. If the roof only has cosmetic damage, small roof repairs should restore the roof to a structurally-sound and showing-ready state. If the roof has any structural issues, it is best to replace the entire thing.

Warm Fall Fires in the Fireplace

Late fall is the time that most homeowners start burning logs in their fireplace, which means that the chimney needs to be in good shape. The chimney in every house that you show should be clean, safe and ready for immediate use. Having a clean and attractive fireplace and chimney will be enticing to buyers coming in out of the cold and help them to imagine the cozy holiday season around the fire.

A chimney that is damaged, covered in creosote and in need of repair will detract from the rest of the home. Encourage clients listing their home to have a comprehensive chimney inspection and cleaning done before putting their home on the market. An appointment with Clean Sweep Maryland will identify any problems and put buyers’ minds at ease.

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