Every buyer is attracted to different amenities, which is why some of your clients look specifically for houses with pools and others immediately rule out any property with a pool. However, some features are almost universally beloved, like the fireplace. Do fireplaces add value to a property? Here’s what every real estate agent should know!

Fireplaces Add Value

Compared to other features, fireplaces offer one of the best returns on investment. Data shows that homes with fireplaces are typically listed for 13% more than the national median sales price. They also are particularly important in cold parts of the country. In areas that receive snow and ice over the course of the winter, even Maryland, many buyers are enticed by the ability to use the fireplace if the power goes out during a storm or to supplement the house’s furnace.

Fireplaces Are Trendy

While fireplaces are generally considered to be timeless, they are also currently trendy right now. Data from listing sites shows that houses with fireplaces get more views per listing than those with other popular home features, like pools and stainless steel appliances. Many buyers today are interested in the ability to warm the house without increasing their electric bill and the picture-perfect feeling that a fireplace can create.

Fireplaces Add to the Interior Design

Every client has a different interior design personality, and fireplaces are a surprisingly versatile way to make the room feel complete. Even clients who have more modern preferences might love the way that a fireplace adds a touch of coziness to the living room or bedroom. Make sure to emphasize the versatility of fireplaces when talking to your clients and prospective buyers.

Should a Client Add a Fireplace?

You might encounter clients who are interested in raising the value of their property through a few investments in the house itself. In those cases, fireplaces are not always the best choice. If there is already a chimney on the property from another fireplace that was removed, the cost of installing a fireplace will be much lower. However, if there is no chimney on site and extensive work will need to be done to install the fireplace, there may be other ways to improve the house’s value. We can visit the property and evaluate the space to give you our best recommendations for other ways to boost house value, including things like new gutters.

Help Your Clients Sell for As Much As Possible

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