Between spring rains and summer storms, you might notice moisture accumulating in your chimney. A leak in your chimney is not just a minor issue, as it can indicate severe structural issues that should be addressed as soon as possible. Masonry chimneys can last for many decades, but only with the proper care. Here are some of the most common reasons why chimneys leak and what you can do about it.

No Chimney Cover

The chimney cover is situated over the opening of your chimney, and it has a hole in the middle of it to allow for chimney cap installation. Chimney covers are designed with a moderate slope so that water will naturally roll off of the surface instead of flowing into the chimney. If your chimney does not have a cover or the cover is damaged, there is nothing stopping rain from entering in.

Damaged or Missing Chimney Cap

Above the chimney cover, your chimney cap stops things from entering your chimney, including wildlife and rain. Over the years, the seal between your chimney cap and chimney cover can become damaged. In some cases, the chimney cap itself might break or wear down. By replacing the chimney cap, you won’t need to worry about a chimney leak.

Worn Mortar or Damaged Masonry

If your house is made of masonry, you will need to invest in a certain amount of baseline maintenance to prevent leaking or crumbling. The chimney is very exposed to the elements, which makes it more susceptible to mortar and masonry damage. When your chimney has brick or mortar problems, it can lead to leaks that permanently damage the integrity of the chimney.

What Problems Can Be Caused by a Leaky Chimney?

Beyond understanding the causes of a leaky chimney, it’s important to understand what can happen if you do not have yours repaired in a timely fashion. A leaky chimney is no laughing matter, as I can lead to:

  • Rusty damper assemblies
  • Damaged central heating system
  • Chimney staining
  • Rotting wood next to the chimney
  • Damaged or deteriorated firebox assemblies
  • Water staining on the walls, in the attic, and near the chimney
  • Decaying mortar
  • Tilting or collapsing chimney structure
  • Unpleasant chimney odor
  • Chimney settlement
  • And more!

If you have a leak in your chimney, make Clean Sweep your first call for prompt repairs.

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