Gutter guards are sold as a cure-all for gutter problems, as they are marketed as preventing all debris and build-up from entering the gutter and saving plenty of headaches as a result. However, their steep cost can make homeowners think twice, Should you install gutter guards?

They Aren’t Foolproof

Unfortunately, gutter guards do help to prevent some debris and objects from landing in your gutters, but they are not foolproof. They can do a good job at limiting what enters the gutters, but they do not make them suddenly resistant to all leaves, nests and other plant material. If you have gutter guards on your gutters, you will still need to have occasional professional gutter cleanings to make sure that everything is removed.

Why Do Gutter Guards Sometimes Fail?

Even when properly installed, gutter guards can allow small pieces of leaves and debris to slip into the curved portion, where they decay and accumulate in the gutter itself over time. Without moving the gutter guard to thoroughly clean the gutter, you could end up with tons of plant material rotting in your gutters and leading to backups, clogs and overflows. Small debris can also cover any slits or holes designed to let water in the gutter guards, which prevents the water you are trying to drain from entering the gutter and can cause it to spill over instead.

The Best Way to Care for Your Gutters

  1. Schedule regular gutter cleanings from a professional service like Clean Sweep Maryland to remove leaves, twigs, dirt and build-up
  2. Snake out the downspouts of your gutters if you notice issues with the water flowing out of them
  3. Have your gutters and downspouts inspected to see if there are any cracks, holes or rusted spots
  4. Immediately replace any damaged sections of your gutters when they are detected to avoid problems with one section leading to bigger and broader problems
  5. if you do choose to use gutter guards to protect your gutters, make a habit of checking them regularly to make sure nothing slipped through and that plant matter and debris did not block the holes on top

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