Energy prices have increased across the board, and many homebuyers are thinking about the cost of heating and cooling their dream homes. As a real estate agent, you can prepare for this new reality by learning new ways to showcase energy efficiency features throughout the average home.

Clean Chimneys Are Most Efficient

Encourage your seller to schedule a chimney inspection and professional cleaning before listing. This ensures that there are no issues with the safety of the chimney or repairs that should be made. A properly-cleaned chimney will be as energy efficient as possible. When there are blockages present, like bird nests and flammable creosote, the buyers will not get the most out of their wood and experience the full benefits of having a fireplace.

A Chimney Provides More Comfort

In some cases, one type of fuel dramatically increases in price while others stay much lower. When homeowners have the option of using different types of fuel to heat their homes, they can experience greater energy efficiency. Any chimney that is in great condition and safe to use is a huge selling point for our property, and we can work with you to ensure that the property you are selling has a safe chimney.

Clean Ducts Allow for Better Air Circulation

The air ducts running throughout your client’s home are filled with dust, hair, debris, pet dander, and potentially pest droppings and residue. Aside from meaning that those things are in the air that you breathe every day, it also means that they can be taking up space in the ducts where air should be. Investing in proper HVAC maintenance, including air duct cleaning, is a great way to reduce energy spending, improve indoor air quality, and confirm that the home you are selling is in excellent condition.

How Clean Sweep Can Help

We work with real estate agents like you throughout the area, and we offer a broad range of services designed to make selling your homes easier, including:

·         Chimney inspections

·         Chimney repairs

·         Chimney cleaning

·         Air duct cleaning

·         And more!

If you aren’t sure whether or not we can help, start by giving us a call at 410-558-1111 so we can learn more about your needs.

Sell Homes with Confidence from Clean Sweep Maryland

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