Most homeowners know the basics about their fireplace and chimney, but they aren’t quite sure what’s going on inside. That’s totally fine, since you have professionals like Clean Sweep Maryland for that! However, when you are told that you need to install a new flue liner or that there is an issue with your current chimney liner, it’s nice to know what is being talked about.

What Is a Chimney Liner?

Chimney liners are also called flue liners, and they are essentially exactly what they sound like—a lining on the inside of the chimney. There are a variety of materials that are used for liners, including clay, ceramic, aluminum, and stainless steel. Clay liners are considered outdated today, but many older homes have them. The most versatile type of liner is a stainless steel liner. They are remarkably durable and can be used for a variety of types of fireplaces, including wood-burning fireplaces.

What Do Chimney Liners Do?

Chimney liners make your fireplace much safer by giving smoke a direct, easy way to get out of your chimney. Some people who don’t have one assume that means that they don’t need one, but in reality, it just means that nothing has happened yet. If your chimney doesn’t have a flue liner, once your chimney walls start to naturally deteriorate, debris and residue will seep through the cracks and lead to more damage.

Additionally, if your chimney is not able to quickly get rid of smoke, the odds of having a chimney fire at your house dramatically increase. There will also be a higher chance of having soot and creosote rapidly accumulate on the inside of the chimney, which also increases your fire risk as well.

Do You Need a New Chimney Liner?

Chimney liners can last a long time with proper maintenance, but you will likely eventually need to replace yours. Some of the signs that you need a new chimney liner include:

  • During your annual chimney inspection, the inspector mentioned that you need a replacement
  • You’re noticing pieces of clay or tile in the hearth of the fireplace
  • There is smoke coming into your home instead of leaving through the chimney properly
  • Your chimney liner is over 20 years old

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