A drafty fireplace is not only annoying to walk by; it can also dramatically increase your energy bill as you struggle to combat the cold air flowing into your home. Clean Sweep can help to repair your fireplace to ensure that no cold air is flowing in, but what could some of the potential culprits be?

Have You Had Your Fireplace Swept?

A chimney sweeping and inspection can ensure that your chimney is properly cleaned out before trying to do any additional troubleshooting. In some cases, creosote has accumulated in the chimney and coated the flue. Whenever the flue cannot open and close properly, it can cause a draft in your fireplace. Regular sweepings of your chimney will prevent and eliminate creosote build-up, which reduces the chances of issues with your flue and drafts.

Are You Using Your Fireplace Properly?

Many draft issues can be traced back to someone who does not know how to properly operate their fireplace. First, make sure that the damper is always closed when the fireplace is not in use to avoid cold air getting into the chimney. When it is very cold outside, you should prime the flue by holding lit newspaper underneath the damper to help warm it up before lighting a fire.

Are You Dealing With Downdrafting?

One of the most common causes of drafts in the winter is a downdraft. Downdrafts happen whenever cold air blows outside and comes down your chimney and into your fireplace. The best way to avoid downdrafts is replacing your chimney cap and having an inspector ensure that it was installed correctly. A quality chimney cap and using your damper correctly are the best ways to counteract The Stack Effect, which occurs when warm air in your home and chimney fights against the cold air outside and creates strong drafts. Our team will help you select the right chimney cap and install it if you do not currently have one.

Clean Sweep Is Here to Help

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