When you work with your clients to list their homes on the market, there are many factors that can increase or decrease the value of the property. One of the more subtle things that affects its value and appeal to buyers is the gutters. A home with the wrong gutters or gutters that are damaged will need new ones before the buyers can move in. Does the home you are listing have the right gutters?

The Basic Types of Gutters

The two primary types of gutters are K-style gutters and half-round gutters. K-style gutters have flat backs and bottoms and typically have a more decorative shape on the front to mimic crown molding. There are numerous types of K-style gutters available to choose from. Half-round gutters look like cross-sections of tubes and are more frequently found on historic homes. They are available in fewer styles thanks to their more structured design. K-style gutters can hold twice as much as half-round gutters and also cost up to 50% more.

Are the Gutters Appropriate for the Home?

While K-style gutters are more valuable than half-round gutters, it’s important to consider if the gutters are appropriate for the home. How much gutter does the home that you are selling need? Pay attention to the average rainfall and snowfall of the area where you are selling the home. In general, a 5-inch, K-style gutter can meet the needs of almost any home in the area. Having oversized downspouts (3-inch by 4-inch) is another great way to ensure that the home has adequate gutters for the water they will need to deal with.

When assessing gutters, make sure that they are in excellent condition before the home inspection occurs. If your homeowners are upgrading their existing gutters, it’s best to go with 5-inch gutters over 6-inch gutters, as 6-inch can hold so much water that they become weighted with ice during a Maryland winter. It’s best to choose 5-inch, K-style gutters.

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