Apart from the occasional chilly spring night, we have largely exited fireplace season and will be shifting our focus to staying comfortable by keeping cool air inside of the house instead of warm air. Even still, springtime makes the perfect time to catch up on your chimney maintenance so that you’re ready to go in early fall when the time comes to light up the fireplace once again. Here are the main advantages of scheduling your chimney service right now!

Easy Scheduling

During April Showers, gutter maintenance is the main service homeowners seek from our team. Since the demand for chimney maintenance is much lower, we usually have one of our technicians on hand, allowing you to schedule at your convenience 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Odor Elimination

After a full fall and winter of usage, chimneys often develop unpleasant odors that do not subside without a thorough cleaning. If you notice an odd scent coming from your chimney, it could be originating from any of the following sources:

  • Creosote buildup from extensive fireplace usage
  • Moisture buildup from early spring freeze/ thawing and April Showers
  • Consistent debris accumulation
  • Nesting creatures or other wild visitors seeking shelter

Regardless of which of these factors are present in a chimney, we have the skills and experience to remove them in one visit!

Keep Visitors Out

Speaking of nesting creatures and visitors, they are now returned and ready to enjoy the warm weather just like we are. Squirrels and birds alike are known to make their homes in residential chimneys, which poses major safety hazards when the time comes for your next fire. To guarantee your safety this spring and beyond, consider having a chimney cap installed as part of your yearly maintenance!

Stay on Top of Chimney Repairs

One of the biggest risks that winter poses to our chimneys is brickwork deterioration. Once freezing cold water enters the chimney, it can reduce its integrity significantly. Additionally, the water can cause mold to grow once it thaws. Don’t put off your yearly maintenance to address this deterioration! Staying proactive ensures any issues will not continue worsening in harsh outdoor conditions.

Schedule Your Spring Chimney Maintenance with Clean Sweep Maryland

Clean Sweep Maryland has the professional equipment necessary to remove any amount of creosote from your chimney, along with performing repairs to your chimney, your liner or your insulation.  Call Clean Sweep Maryland today at 410-558-1111 for professional chimney sweep, dryer vent cleaning, air duct cleaning and gutter cleaning services designed to keep your home in wonderful condition and your family safe.