We are officially entering peak season in the real estate industry. Even with ticked up interest rates, they are still under the historic norm. As such, this spring will be as competitive as ever! You won’t have any trouble getting visitors to an open house. However, the dangers lurking beneath the home’s surface are what can ruin a home sale when you have interested home buyers. Before getting too far in the listing process, every real estate agent should insist on a chimney inspection to ensure that the fireplace and chimney are safe.

Fireplace and Chimney Safety Matter

Fireplaces are an excellent way to attract homebuyers to a location. After all, who doesn’t love a warm fireplace to gather around during the chilly months or on holiday mornings? Just like any other heat appliance in a home, fireplaces need regular maintenance to stay safe. Fireplaces and wood stoves lead to 25,000 fires every year in the United States. These fires cause dozens of deaths annually, on top of over $125 million in property damage. Whenever you are facilitating the transfer of a property from one family to another, you should want to make sure that the property you are selling is safe for the new inhabitants.

Repairs Can Be Hidden

When it comes to fireplaces and chimneys, many problems are not apparent to the untrained eye. That’s why chimney inspectors use cameras and advanced tools to examine the structure of the chimney and not merely the exterior. If a chimney is not cleaned on a regular basis, it can be coated with creosote. Creosote is a tar-like substance that accumulates on the inside of the walls. It is very hazardous and one of the most common causes of chimney fires.

Damaged chimneys can also cause chimney fires. Masonry that has spalling or cracking should be inspected and repaired if necessary. Inspections can catch problems in the early stage or before the people occupying the home are at an elevated risk for experiencing a fire or carbon monoxide poisoning. Don’t allow a chimney in need of a cleaning and repairs to ruin a home sale for one of your sellers!

Clean Sweep Is Here to Help!

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