Even in the warm months, the condition of a home seller’s fireplace will play a major factor in the home sale. An unsafe fireplace could require costly repairs before a buyer will agree to the purchase. An unattractive or non-functional fireplace could do more harm than not having a fireplace at all. How can you tell if a fireplace is ready for an open house or showing?

Fireplaces Add Value

For most prospective home buyers, a fireplace is a symbol of all that a home can be—warm, filled with life and the perfect place to relax. Even if they never utilize the fireplace, it will still add some value to the home and serve as a place to display family photos and hang stockings in the winter. However, a fireplace that is in disrepair or hiding potential chimney issues is not ready for showtime.

How to Get a Fireplace Ready for a Showing

Beauty isn’t just surface-deep, so you should always start with a professional chimney inspection. A quaint, attractive fireplace can be a liability if the chimney is cracking or filled with creosote! A chimney inspector can identify any issues and clean the inside of the chimney so that it will pass both a chimney inspection and home inspection. Because chimneys are a potential fire hazard and liability, homebuyers will not want to take a risk on a fireplace or chimney that has not been inspected, even if it is beautiful.
To prepare a fireplace for showing in the warmer months, you should always make sure the inside is clean. Dust the mantle and make sure any family photos are removed. Lay fresh logs or a flower arrangement inside of the fireplace to fill the space without potentially creating too much heat or smoke. On the outside of the home, ensure that there is a chimney cap installed to prevent any pests from getting inside and add an additional safety feature. When you’re walking guests through the property, don’t forget to mention that the fireplace has a clean bill of health!

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