Many of your future clients are currently making new year’s resolutions for their properties to get them ready for listing. One of the very important things that should be on every home seller’s checklist is duct cleaning. Why does it matter, and should you really encourage your clients to have it done?

What Does Duct Cleaning Do?

Duct cleaning is a specialized process that thoroughly cleans the ductwork running throughout your home. This includes everything from the air vents to the hardest-to-reach ductwork. This gets rid of dust and debris that can lead to a variety of problems. Many people vacuum the dust that they can see off of air vents without realizing that is only a small fraction of the dirt and dust lurking in the HVAC system and recirculating in the home every day.

What Are the Benefits of Professional Duct Cleaning?

While there are numerous DIY kits, nothing compares to the real deal. You wouldn’t trust yourself to remove creosote from your chimney, so why should you do the same for cleaning the intricate ductwork lining a home? There are many benefits of working with Clean Sweep Maryland for a professional duct cleaning before listing a home, including:

  • No accumulated dust, debris, and cobwebs that will be circulating in the duct system and in the air inside of your home
  • Better energy efficiency, as the HVAC system will not need to work as hard to push air through and distribute it
  • Removed contaminants and debris from homeowner construction, renovation, and cleaning products
  • Less odors that can be caused by accumulated dust and pet hair that are lurking in the vents and duct system
  • Spot the signs of duct issues and animal infestations before the seller’s inspection, where they might be a point of negotiation

What If They Had Their Ducts Cleaned One Year Ago?

Even if a duct cleaning was performed a year ago, there should still be one more performed before selling the home. This will remove the dust and dirt that was kicked up during the cleaning and decluttering processes and ensure that the ducts and air quality aren’t a point of contention.

Sell Homes with Confidence from Clean Sweep Maryland

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