Before the sale or transfer of any property, a Level 2 chimney inspection is required. What exactly are we looking for when we conduct such inspections? Throughout the process, our goal is to provide an accurate assessment to the chimney in regard to its current status. We’re essentially trying to determine whether any minor repairs or major renovations are needed before the property changes hands. Here is what we’re looking out for along the way!

Minor Chimney Repairs

If your client uses their chimney regularly, there are a few maintenance tasks that will likely be necessary to restore it to an acceptable status for the new homeowner. For starters, we’ll need to remove any creosote buildups. This seemingly small job plays a major role in keeping chimneys safe and ready for continued operation. As we remove these buildups, we can also keep an eye out for any other hazards like blockages from leaves or abandoned nests. Finally, many homeowners like to wrap up their chimney maintenance with a chimney cap installation if they do not have one already. In addition to helping prevent future obstructions, chimney caps also keep out rain and the unfortunate scents that often accompany standing water.


There are some instances where a little TLC isn’t quite enough to ensure a chimney is safe for future use. When we detect masonry issues throughout a chimney, that is a blatant sign that a renovation may be necessary. Masonry cracks are naturally a sign of compromised structural integrity, but it is more serious than that. These cracks make the perfect space for additional creosote buildups which create genuine fire hazard risks. The same is true for cracks on the chimney liner itself. If we detect such issues throughout your next inspection, we can be sure to deliver a fix that will protect your client and help facilitate the closing of their home with no hiccups along the way.

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