Duct cleaning should be on every home seller’s checklist before listing their home on the market. While some homeowners can get away with not cleaning their ducts before moving, you should encourage all pet-owning home sellers to have a professional duct cleaning before putting their home on the market.

Why Is Air Duct Cleaning So Important for Pet Owners?

When any home seller owns pets, the hair and dander from the pets will get into the air ducts and build up over time. While nobody is allergic to pet hair, many people are allergic to the dander that hair can carry and that can be invisible to the naked eye. Duct cleaning controls the distribution of dander in the house and stops your open house visitors from sneezing the moment that they walk in the door. What pets produce dander? Almost every mammal produces dander, so if the home seller has a pet with fur, it is almost certainly producing microscopic dander.

Duct Cleaning for Pet Owners

There are several ways to get a home ready for an open house when the home sellers are pet owners:

  1. Hire a professional duct cleaner to remove all fur, dust, dirt, debris and dander from the air ducts. This process provides a level of removal that is not possible with air filters or air purifiers.
  2. Clean the carpets. Carpet fibers can hold onto an alarming amount of dander and pet hair. A steam cleaning can remove the majority of the pet dander along with stains.
  3. Use HEPA filters in the air vents to remove as much debris and dander from the air as possible. This is particularly critical if the home sellers are still occupying the home during the sale. You do not want their investment in air duct cleaning to be wasted before the sale is completed!

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