The recent thunderstorms and downpours have led many area residents to wonder if their chimneys have a leak problem. While the rain is awesome for cooling us off and keeping the lawn watered, the last thing that you want to encounter is a leaky chimney.

The Symptoms of a Leaky Chimney

Some people assume that every chimney with a leak problem will have a puddle of water sitting in the flue or fireplace. However, since most chimney systems are complex, leaks are often not found until they have already caused serious damage. Some of the signs of a leaking chimney include:

  • Water or condensation present in the firebox
  • Moisture, leaks or water damage on the ceilings or walls surrounding the chimney
  • A sound of dripping coming from inside of the chimney
  • Lingering musty odors, particularly after it rains
  • Spalling or cracking on the exterior or interior chimney masonry

Why Do Chimney Leaks Occur?

  1.  Rain falling down a chimney without a cover can lead to leaking. Instead of the water being directed off the sides of the cover and down the outside of the chimney, it will fall directly down. Installing a chimney cap is a quick way to solve this type of problem.
  2. Cracks in the chimney crown can also cause leaking. The chimney crown is the cement portion at the very top of the chimney that stops rain and snow from hitting the flue liner. Over time, cracks can occur naturally due to shrinkage or shifting. The repair for a cracked crown will vary depending on the condition of the chimney and the severity of the damage.
  3. Chimney flashing that is insufficient, broken or in need of replacement will eventually lead to chimney leaks. The flashing works to protect water from entering the area where masonry comes through the roof of the home. Because that area can be a fairly large gap, flashing is essential to stop water from pouring right in. Clean Sweep can repair the flashing and prevent any further leaks from occurring.

Prevent Chimney Leaks with Clean Sweep Maryland

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