Have you noticed any issues in the masonry on your chimney this winter? Did you wait to complete the repairs that your chimney sweep suggested during your fall inspection? Before you schedule those repairs, you might be wondering when the optimal time of year to have them completed is. At Clean Sweep, we know how to get your chimney in excellent condition and keep it there.

What Season Is Best for Chimney Masonry Repairs?

Winter can be very rough on chimneys, particularly when temperatures are wildly fluctuating like they are this year. The mixture of rain, cold temperatures, snow, hot temperatures, freezing and thawing can lead to severe masonry damage. Chimneys and fireplaces also typically get the most use in winter, so a great deal of damage can build up without being noticed. As a result, if you had repairs completed last winter, there could be new problems present at the end of this one.

In general, one of the best times for chimney masonry repairs is the period directly before or after winter. Temperatures in Maryland are more mild, and the chimney is less likely to experience either temperature extreme. Ask the professionals at Clean Sweep when you should schedule your masonry repairs if you are unsure.

Why Are Masonry Repairs Sometimes Temperature-Sensitive?

When you repoint any masonry structure, whether it’s a chimney or hardscaping in your yard, the old mortar will be removed and replaced with new mortar. Once the new mortar has been placed, the curing process will start. The conditions during the curing period are critical to the long-term outcome of the repointing. Some chimney repair jobs can be easily completed in warm weather, but curing is often easiest and most successful when the temperatures are chilly but not too warm, like late fall and early spring. If you wait until warm weather, curing will need to be completed in the shade and without humid winds. Rainy conditions are also not ideal for curing.

Professional Chimney Masonry Inspection and Repair from Clean Sweep Maryland

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