The average homeowner or home seller might not think too much about their gutters, but the gutters are a critical piece of every property. Without the right gutters, a home can have issues with basement flooding, foundation cracks and other serious problems. Do the gutters that are on the home you are listing add to the value of the home or decrease it?

The Importance of Good Gutters

Every year, homeowners insurance companies pay out a whopping $2.5 billion in water damage-related losses. 37% of homeowners have claimed losses due to water issues, and some of those are caused or compounded by poorly maintained, inadequate or missing gutters. Gutters work by moving water away from your home and its foundation, as well as properly guiding water off of your roof during rainfall. A home appraiser will examine the gutters when estimating the value of the home and include their condition in the home value.

What Happens If the Gutters Are Missing or In Poor Condition?

Home appraisers will typically provide a “cost-to-cure” when gutters are missing, poorly maintained or inadequate. That figure is a rough estimate of what it would cost for the new homeowner to install or repair the gutters and downspouts, and it would be subtracted from the overall value of the home.

The Effect of Gutters on the Value of a Home

While the cost to repair or install gutters can be subtracted from the home’s value, gutters usually do not add to the value of a property. That’s because home appraisers view gutters like the tires on a vehicle—they expect them to be in working condition! It is critical that all of your home sellers have their gutters professional cleaned and maintained before the home appraisal occurs, or the value could be decreased a significant amount. No home seller or real estate agent wants to risk losing a sale over the gutters, and Clean Sweep can help ensure they are in excellent condition.

Clean Sweep Is Here to Help!

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